Tuesday, December 13, 2016

KADAVU - Week 22

Bula Vinaka everyone!
It's been a crazy week so far! I started off the week last week in Kadavu, spent a few days back on the main island for a missionary conference, came back to Kadavu in the middle of a rugby tournament, and right now I'm sitting with my grandparents! Let me fill you in a bit on what happened each day:

Monday: We emailed for a few minutes before we got on the plane to go to Suva. We got to play basketball and rugby with about 30 Elders for p-day. It was way fun to finally play some ball again!
Tuesday: We had a couple short meetings and then just got to proselyte with the Assistants. It was definitely a little odd to just teach in English, they're in an English ward. But it was really fun!
Wednesday: Our big Zone Conference with President Layton. It being the Christmas season, we just focused on the Savior. It was amazing. I will never forget this meeting. Afterwards we even watched a movie! FINDING DORI! It was so awesome. I loved it! First real movie in well over a year! 
At about 10 pm we got back onto our boat. An all-night boat ride back to Kadavu.
Thursday: We arrived back onto Kadavu at about 7 am. We went back to the flat, got unpacked, did our studies, then proselyted the best we could with the rugby tournament going on! Not too many people seem too interested in listening to a message when rugby is going on.
Friday: We walked 2 hours to go proselyte in a few villages far away. I would say that 80% of all the people were back watching the tournament. #missionaryprobs But we were able to visit with a few people!
Saturday: My grandparents flew onto the island!! We had breakfast together, then met back up in the evening to go to a dinner appointment at a member's house! A few unexpected problems made it an interesting hike out there and back, but we made it! It was fun to show my grandparents a true Fijian dinner.
Sunday: We went to church together, including a baptism! 8 year-old Torika got baptized! Then afterwards, the branch put on a huge lunch for my grandparents! The  branch loves them! 
Monday (today): Today for p-day we took a long drive to the other side of the island, just sight-seeing! It was BEAUTIFUL. We stopped at a pineapple farm, and we got the taste of fresh, juicy pineapples. It's has been AWESOME having them here with me!

So that's my week! I love my life as a missionary, and time is going by so fast! I hope everyone is doing good! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, I can truly feel them! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

{Uh, Jax - Elder Miller -, that cat... caught that monster rat? By your house? (Wear socks to bed)}