Monday, July 18, 2016

KADAVU - Week 1

Alone on an Island (Transfer!) 
Bula Vinaka!

Holy cow do I have a week for you! And so little time to tell it! I'll explain why in a second.

I GOT TRANSFERRED TO AN ISLAND WHERE IT"S ONLY ME AND MY COMPANION!! It's literally me and my companion, in charge of a group of about 10 islands - but we'll only visit about 3. It's called Kadavu (Kahn-dahvoo, like the villain in Star Trek). It's south of the main island in Fiji. It's home to many sharks, TONS of beautiful parrots, and amazing people. I've only been here for about 3 days and I love this place so much!!

Here's a run-down of my week:
MONDAY: After I emailed you lots of the missionaries met up and we played some sports, including rugby and flag football! It was wayyy fun.
TUESDAY: Had a missionary meeting (Zone Training Meeting) then waited for our Mission President to call for transfers. Then I got the call to serve in Kadavu, one of the coolest, most coveted areas in the mission! I was stoked out of my mind. Haha.  Then I went back to Nabua to pack up my things and say goodbye.
WEDNESDAY: Took the sacrament to Sister Qabale, the blind lady, for the last time. I am going to miss her so much! Then said goodbye to our Branch president in Nabua, President Mateinaivalu. That family will always hold a place in my heart. Then said goodbye to a few other members and waited for some missionaries to come pick me up. Tons of people from the village came out of their houses to say goodbye! It made me so sad. But I hope to return one day! Then spent the night in Savusavu.
THURSDAY: Drove to Labasa and hopped on a flight to Nadi, the International Airport on the main island. I spent the night there with the Elders and had a blast getting to know some of the members there. I even went to the only Burger King in Fiji! Holy cow that was SOOO good.
FRIDAY: Flew to Kadavu!! It was in a small, about 15 passenger plane. That was crazy, you could see right into the cockpit! You could feel every twist turn, the tiniest bump or turbulence. It was kinda scary, especially taking off and landing! But it was way fun. The Elders picked me up from the Vunisea airport, which looks more like a house. Haha. The landing strip is on the thinnest part of the island, and extends from beach to beach! Then for the rest of the day I walked around with the 2 Elders there while the one that was leaving said goodbye to some members. They loved this Elder!
SATURDAY: Dropped the leaving Elder off at the airport. Then got settled in Kadavu! Unpacked my things, met some members and got right to sharing the gospel!
SUNDAY: Had church! (obviously...) Only about 20 came. But the spirit was strong and I already love the members! After church we had lunch with the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency. Awesome family! I'm already trying to learn the dialect. It's crazy. Then went trying to see Less Actives and stuff! Good day.

Now you're updated! Because it's a pretty isolated island, computers are hard to come by. Emails are not going to be consistent. But I promise that I will try my 100% hardest to email each week!

My companion is Elder Feliua'i Lene. He was born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, but is a Samoan. He's WAY awesome. Super athletic, so when we get to play with the village he DESTROYS. He's 1 month older than me, and we're already best buds. I'm excited to serve with him!

Well I gotta hop off soon, but I love you all so much! I'm excited for the experiences that I'm going to have on this island, and can't wait to tell you about them! I miss you all! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Miller
Saying goodbye to some kids in Nabua
Last pic with Elder Levasa 

Saying goodbye to the bros!
Kadavu, my new area! Technically my area includes all the little islands too, but I'll probably only see Kadavu, Galoa, and Ono

On top of the world


Wearing that crown

The plane!

Our flat

Me and Elder Kintstone, the Elder that left Kedavu. He's from Taveuni.

Me and my companion, Elder Feliua'i Lene