Monday, July 11, 2016

NABUA - Week 24

Life is Great! 
Bula Vinaka! 
How are you? As for me, I'm doing great! Couldn't be better! Really though, I'm super duper happy! Not for any particular reason, just because missions are so awesome I guess! It just feels so good knowing that you're giving 24 hours of every single day to his service! Heavenly Father blesses you 10-fold when you serve him. It's the best!

As for this week, it was a great week in Nabua. A super busy one! Every single night I was SOO tired, and just crashed within a few minutes of laying down. And so much walking. Haha. There's this one family that is a THREE HOUR walk straight into the bush. There are literally no houses along the way, just theirs and 2 others next to them. Their the best family ever! They weren't able to make it to church on Sunday because of something that came up, but they're so great! They love everything we teach them and have accepted the invitation to get baptized! So that should come in the next month or 2! We're stoked. 

Last week, the 4th of July, was AWESOME! It was so nice that it fell on a P-Day. We were able to do some pretty fun things. First of all we played some way fun football. Everybody here only plays rugby and doesn't know how to play football, so it was wayy fun just messing around. Then we had district meeting at the senior couple's house (they have AC!). That was a blast too. We shared to those not of our nationality what the 4th of July is and why it's important, and they shared about their countries too! Way fun. THEN CAME THE BIG SURPRISE. White girls. Haha, it's been a long time since I've talked to a member of the opposite gender in my own race. It was super intimidating! They're in a volunteer group here in Savusavu and almost all of them are LDS, so they came over for dessert and lit sparklers for us. It was a fun 4th of July! I hope you guys had fun too!

Another unique thing that happened is something that is VERY rare for missionaries! Our mission president gave us permission to sleep at a member's house in a far away village! Even here in Fiji that is rare, so it was cool. We went there and taught the member's less active family member that night, since he has a super busy working schedule. It was fun. The bed was so soft! Haha, the things we take for granted. 

For a spiritual thought this week, I just want to remind you all of the importance of listening to the words of the prophets! We have HUNDREDS of talks downloaded that are just playing whenever we are in the flat. It helps so much! Imagine the knowledge you'll receive when you listen to Jeffrey R. Holland rather than Miley Cyrus. Try to listen to talks every once in a while! It's great. makes it so easy too, they have every talk in general conference since 1971. Go listen!

Well, that's about it for this week! I love you all! As always, until next week! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Miller

{Jaxson says this is at the Senior Couples house, celebrating the 4th of July - looks like they took good care of them}

{Humanitarian group from the US - celebrating the "4th of July" American holiday}

{Jax got his birthday package from home}
{#notarealgiftjax, use your filtered water bottle instead please} 

{The "super soft" members bed.  Elder Miller enjoyed his comfortable night of sleep}

{Jax did not include captions but it appears to be McDonalds happy meal toys.  Quite the collection}
{This pic might be for you Noah! Your toy all the way in Fiji!}

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