Sunday, April 30, 2017


Hiking and Stake Conference

Bula vinaka! 
It's been another amazing week! More fun adventures and hard work!

We're heading to the beach for P-day today so I don't have much time to email! Sorry!!
Last P-day we went to a place called Colo-i-suva. It's a WAY cool national forest park. It was beautiful. Complete with many waterfalls, beautiful scenery, and even a rope swing! We went as a zone. SO fun!!!

Yesterday was also Stake conference! The Nausori stake is split into to 2 zones for us missionaries. There are a total of 40 missionaries, 20 areas, in the stake. So it was SO fun to see everyone! I also had my new camera brought to me there, so I took a lot of selfies! 

Things are going great! This past week we had a scare. Our best investigator, named Mareca, has been on track to be baptized the 6th of May. She's been so excited! Then on Saturday her mother called from the other side of Fiji. She FORBADE Mareca from being baptized. She also said that she was going to make a trip all the way here to come pick Mareca and her 2 kids up to take them back with her. Keep in mind that these 2 haven't spoken to each other in over a year, they don't exactly have the greatest relationship. So Mareca got really scared and didn't know what to do. But after thinking and praying about it, she called her mother back and told her that she knows that this gospel is 100% true, and that she's getting baptized no matter what she says. Her faith is so amazing!!! We're excited to baptize her this weekend!! 

Well that's about it! I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Until next week, keep on keepin on! 
Au lomani kemuni kece!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Bula Vinaka Everyone!
It's been yet another week! This week was a good one! Full of long, hot days proselyting, random Americans visiting, and adventures in the depths of Fiji. It was great!

First random but awesome news.... I have a namesake!! A family in my area just had a baby boy and named it after me!!! I am so so so so happy and excited. He was born 1 week ago, on Sunday. It's not for sure what his name is yet, but they're saying it'll probably be Semi Jaxson Miller Seganakete.  Isn't that awesome!?! I love this family, they're amazing. I'll attach pictures of mini Fijian me!

Another cool thing that happened this week was our exchanges with the Zone Leaders. They are in an area called Naitasiri, which is in the middle of the bush. Literally just straight forest. I was so excited, I've always wanted to see their area. It was way fun! We worked so hard. Found 6 new investigators in one day! That's a lot for Fiji, especially for their area. The chapel (see picture) is literally a rented out Secondary School building. It's a beautiful area. And their flat is one of the nicest I've ever been in! Which is crazy because they live in such a bush area! It was a cool adventure. 

We also got to go to the temple this week!! We took 2 recent converts that Elder Tupe and I baptized, Ana & Drove. We did baptisms for the dead. It felt SO GOOD to be back in that wonderful building! We don't get to go to the temple in this mission, unless you bring a recent convert like I did. I LOVED it!

Like I said, this week was full of some long, hot days too. We've been working hard to improve our area! Things are getting better. We're due for a baptism next week, if all goes well! Elder Howard and are are just working hard and having fun. Missionary work is so great!

For a spiritual thought, I'd like to focus on the temple. Having gone to the temple this week after almost 2 years of not having gone through, I gained just such a deep appreciation for it! What a privilege we have to worship in the House of the Lord! I'd like to encourage you all to attend the temple more often, and to do your own family names! You will feel the spirit and love of God more in your life if you do. 

Alright, that's about it! Thanks for reading! I hope all is well! Thank you so much for the emails!! Love you all! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller 

(Added pictures my mom received from Sister Laura Horne, one of the American families that visited!)
My namesake!!

Sister Seganakete (:

Primary school kids coming home

The Shaver family donating a lawn mower and other supplies to the local Primary School (equivalent to our elementary)

Our temple trip!

A river we had to cross

Nauluvatu village. Literally in the middle of nowhere. 

Naitasiri flat

Elder Jonutz & I, we were in the MTC together

Naitasiri chapel (Waidina)


Elder Miller and Elder Howard, at their flat