Monday, April 3, 2017


Bula Vinaka everyone!
It's been yet another week! It's been a good one! Elder Howard and I have been working so hard in this area, and it's been a blast! Things are slowly improving! We're finding people to teach. 

One investigator that is progressing is Niko. He's married to a member. The first time we met him, he had questions about things concerning the priesthood. When we answered them and I showed him my line of authority, he stopped me and asked, "Wait.... so you can baptize?" I answered yes. He then said, "I've been wanting to be baptized." *Imagine Hallelujah chorus singing here* We were so excited! Also another thing interesting about him, his wife just gave birth to their first child! Like 5 days ago! A way cute baby. So we're trying to help him establish his family on the gospel foundation.

Something random we did this week was that we made donuts! There's an Elder that can make WAY good donuts. I don't know if I've just been out on my mission too long or what, because they taste just like Krispy Kreme. No lie. I learned the recipe and everything! It was for another Elder's birthday, Elder DeMoors (as you can see in the picture). It was fun, and they're delicious. 

So what did you learn from conference?? Pick something. Anything. Just one thing from conference that stood out to you, and improve yourself! Make short term and long term goals for it! For example, if you were impressed to visit the temple more, set a goal that you'll visit every Tuesday morning, NO MATTER WHAT. Become humble and let the Lord change you. You'll see a new brightness and light to your life!

Well, that's about it for us! Thanks for tuning in again! I love you all! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Me, Elder Green and Elder Christensen

Mmmmmm... Donuts...  

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