Tuesday, April 18, 2017


He is Risen
Bula Vinaka!
Hey everyone and vakanuinui vinaka na nomu siga ni tucake tale (Happy Easter)! It's been a pretty good week! Fiji is a very Christian nation, so Easter is a huge holiday here. Except their Easter started on Good Friday and it's apparently still Easter now (it's Monday here....). Haha. But it's great!

Today is a public holiday, so school's out and most work places are closed. As we were walking up to the internet cafe to email, we were surprised to see a cool little carnival! Complete with a bouncy house, a couple blow-up slides, a Ferris wheel, and little tents with trinkets to buy! It was way cool! AND, get this, they even had SNOW CONES! I've only seen snow cones 1 other time in my entire missionary life. The guy that gave it to us had a huge smile on his face and told us that we were the first people to buy one! After we laughed and grabbed the cones from his hands he raised his arms high up in the air and said, "In the name of the Lord Jesus!!" It's so great to be in such a Christian county.

This week was good for us teaching as well! Though most people were pretty busy with the holidays, we found some really good potential! First one was just a random home that we knocked on. Her name is Wini (Winnie). She LOVED the message about eternal families. She told us that EVERY home needs to know this message! It's true isn't it?? We do have such an amazing message. The other great thing that happened for us was a name we received from some members. Her name is Mareca (Martha). She has had a very hard life so far. She's only 1 year older than I am. She told us that she's never really believed in God because of everything that's happened to her. Lately she has been wanting to learn more about God and Jesus Christ. She wants to feel more peace in her life. We are SO excited for her because we know just how much peace and joy she will feel from this gospel. She's accepted to be baptized on May 6th, so we'll keep working with her to get her ready!

Another interesting thing you might want to see is a video released by the Church for Easter.... and I'm in it! It's about Elder Amai, a missionary friend from New Zealand that passed away in a tragic car accident only 5 weeks after he returned from his mission in Fiji. If you would like to see a good message for Easter (and see a couple glimpses of me!) follow this link:

Well that's about it for us here in Navatuyaba! Life is so great, isn't it? I hope that this Easter, you take the time to reflect on what Jesus Christ and His gospel has done for you in your life. Then thank Him! I love you all so much! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!

Au lomani kemuni kece!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller
LDS.org video screenshots: 

Screen shot of Jaxson's area!

                                 {All the above pictures are screenshots of the lds.org movie}

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