Sunday, January 10, 2016

LAMI - Week 13

The Work’s a Movin’!

Bula Vinaka!

It's Monday again! (Well, Sunday for you guys back home) An amazing week here in Fiji! It went by way quick, once again. Tons of good ol' hard work, and wrestling them Gators! (Investigators) It was another SCORCHING hot week. The Fijian people always make fun of me cuz I'm sweating so much. It's literally so hot and humid that I can't like breath. Haha. But it was still a way good week! 

Remember how I told you that Fijians "wet" people for New Years? Yeah, literally that's all kids do all day. And by kids I mean little kids all the way to like 20. They sit by a bridge or river and just spray or dump water on every single person walking by. One time I was crossing this bridge, and a Fijian kid hopped out and went to pour water on me, but he saw I was a missionary so he stopped. He then asked me "Can I please wet you? For New Years!" I just laughed, and agreed. He got me SOAKING. Haha. Another fun thing Fijians do for new years is "qiriqiri". Basically the ones that aren't spraying people with water are banging on some kind of pot, barrel, or just anything that will make noise. It's actually cool, Fijians have way good rhythm. All night and all day as you're walking through the villages you hear people banging on stuff. 

It was a good week as far as our investigators are concerned! We found some really promising new investigators, and 2 people are close to baptism! It's way exciting as a missionary, bringing people to baptism. Literally that's all you do all day long, every day. Teach, teach, teach, in the hopes that they'll listen, and want to follow Jesus Christ's amazing gospel. 

This week we even got the rare "Golden Investigator". That's when someone you meet literally could be baptized that day. This guy's name is Naibuka. (Which in Fijian literally means 'the fire') He is the definition of a Golden Investigator. He's been going to church for about 2 months, I never knew he wasn't a member! One day our ward mission leader told us a man had decided to take lessons. We were stoked so we went to go see him. I was surprised to see Naibuka! We shared a lesson with him and at the end he bore his testimony to us of how he KNOWS that this is Christ's true church, and that he want's to be a member. He told us he thanked God that day for allowing us, the missionaries, to come to his house that day. Goodness gracious, we were so happy. 

That's about it for my week! How was yours? Are you following up on your New Years resolutions, both spiritual and normal? Put a reminder on your phone to read your scriptures! Look for times to share the gospel! Always seek to improve! I love you all so much. Thanks for reading my letter this week! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller
BEFORE the service project
AFTER the service project
A sweet little pool in a village called Wailekutu (we didn't swim I promise)

My district
A bunch of Fijians drumming
The one in the green Dolphins shirt and the white powder in his hair was the conductor
A volleyball tournament that's been going on everyday for the past couple weeks

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