Sunday, May 1, 2016

NABUA - Week 14

Bula Vinaka!
Another great week in Nabua! It's been beautiful weather! So sunny and beautiful in fact that we ran out of water! Haha. We're not sure why but the water tank ran out of water.... Again. So Friday and Saturday we had no running water. Hand-washing our clothes in the creek was a great experience! We also had a baptism this week! It was AMAZING!

Good news is that I got the new camera! Thanks mom and dad! Unfortunately I just got it last night so I wasn't able to get pictures of the baptism or anything. Luckily a senior couple came to the baptism and took pictures so sooner or later I should be able to get a few from them. But I took TONS of pictures the past couple days so I hope you enjoy them. Did I mention the screen can flip so I can take selfies?? (Thanks mom and dad!) Haha.

Like I said, the baptism was AMAZING. The day was just so happy, spiritual, and full of light! It was really cool because my ponderizing scripture this week was about light, and it was perfect to just witness it! She was SO happy. What makes it even greater is the story behind her baptism.

Edwina, a 13 year-old girl, lives with and grew up with her grandparents while her parents live in Suva (on another island). The Saturday before the baptism she received a call from her parents telling her that she'll be moving out to Suva the following Thursday (2 days before the baptism) and stay there for schooling. Her friends told me that she cried and cried when she got off the phone, saying that she wanted to get baptized. We received the bad news last Sunday(I'm pretty sure I mentioned it lat week), and it put a damper on our spirits. But then this young girl called her mother back on Monday and told her that the baptism was more important to her and that she wanted to stay. So her parents cancelled it! The baptism proceeded! It was yet another booster to my faith from the amazing people of Fiji.

Other than the lack of running water and perfect baptism, it was a pretty normal week! I love this area so much. These next few weeks my companion and I will be focusing on finding more people to teach. We're going to go to a new village that we've never been before to see if people want to hear the Good News! Wish us luck. 

For my spiritual thought I would like to continue on the thought of light. I have 2 quotes I would like to share:

"Your success in life depends upon how much light you gain while you are here." -Elder Larry R. Lawrence (my ponderizing quote last week - shoutout to Siri for the idea of ponderizing a quote!)

"Divine light develops in places of peace and quiet." -Unknown

I love these quotes. One of our main purposes in this life is to gain light. We all have patches of darkness inside of us, but the more we study the scriptures, the words of the prophets, and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the more darkness we expel from inside us with light! And the BEST place to do that, is in places of peace and quiet. Search for your place of peace and quiet, and illuminate!

Alright, that's about it on this end. Thanks again for reading! I love you all! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Baptism photo credit Senior Couple (Jaxson will you give us their name?) 

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