Monday, November 21, 2016

KADAVU - Week 19

Bula Vinaka!
It's been a very unpredictable week! Lots of unexpected things happened. But all turned out well in the end and we even got a baptism!! 

So this week we took the fiber-glass boat to the other side of the island to the Kavala unit. The reason we changed plans and headed up there was because of a phone call we received on Monday telling us that Anaseini, an investigator that we had been working with, finally decided to get baptized! So we took the 2 hour boat ride on Tuesday to go finish the lessons and make sure that she was ready. She was SO ready!! It made me SO SO SO happy!! She's an AMAZING lady that truly wants to change her life and become more like Jesus Christ! A few months ago we baptized 2 of her children, Jone and Loata. It was a beautiful Sunday, filled with the Spirit. I will forever love this woman and her family. I will also forever be grateful for the opportunities that the Lord is giving me on my mission!

Another thing that made the baptism so special was that there were so many things that seemed to try to stop it from happening. First, we ALMOST were not able to find a boat to take us up. If we had not found the boat at the last minute on Tuesday, we wouldn't have gone up for another 1-2 months! Next, 2 days before her baptism she began to have a toothache. Then the next day, 1 day before her baptism, her face became swollen and she had to rest the entire day. But we gave her a Priesthood blessing, and in the prayer I was prompted to tell her that she would be able to be baptized the next day. She woke up the next morning and the pain was completely gone! But then there was a problem with our boat travel back down. A last minute emergency made us have to find another boat. Finally, we found one, but then the waves were getting larger and larger in the ocean. So we were only able to take a few people on the boat to be safe. But FINALLY we made it back, and the baptism was amazing and bright.

I just want to make one last push for Kenneth Cope's project 'The Son of Man'. If you weren't able to see my emails the last couple of weeks, I shared about one of my very good friends Kenneth Cope. He is an amazing musician and one of the greatest men I've ever met. He is writing a musical called 'The Son of Man'. I know that it will be an amazing musical, and that it will do much good. He is asking for donations to get enough funds to produce the Musical. Here is a quick video about the project:

If you can donate ANYTHING, it will help immensely. All donations of $7 or higher come with a gift in return. Thank you for all your help! He only has until THIS Wednesday (my Thursday) to hit his goal!

Well, that's about it for this week! Thanks for your emails and your love! I miss you all! Until next week, keep on keeping on!!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

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