Sunday, October 25, 2015

LAMI - Week 2

Bula vinaka!
Week 2 down in the Fijian islands! It is such a beautiful country. It was a really good week! I guess I'll just give you a breakdown day by day.

Monday - Last monday was awesome! We went to the beach for P-day! That's really rare for missionaries to do here, so I started off my mission with a super strong p-day! 
Tuesday - A super hard-working day. We had to walk really far to different villages. All of the lessons went really well though! We gave one of our investigators (my favorite one) a baptismal date and he accepted! If all goes as planned, he'll be baptized on November 21st. I really hope it works out! It would make me so so so happy. His son would get baptized too.
Wednesday - A SUPER hot day. My first real experience with the Fijian heat. My whole body was just wet. In Fijian you'd say "Sa katakata tiko nikua." which literally translates to "It's hotting today." It was still a really good day though! There's a tradition to burn a white shirt when you hit your year mark as a missionary. 2 of the Elders in my flat hit their year mark on the same day, so we had a little celebration. They said it goes by so so so fast.
Thursday - Thursday's are service days for all the missionaries here. We find someone to do service for and do about 3 hours of service. This week we helped an investigator with his farm. We weeded (with machete's), chopped down some plants (with machete's), and planted a bunch of stuff (not necessarily with machete's). Then once we finished he took us straight into the jungle. HOLY COW it was so sick. We followed this river and even went to an underground waterfall. Then he took us to the top of this mountain and the view was AMAZING. I felt so grateful for the beautiful world our Heavenly Father has given us. It was a way awesome service day. So my both first service day and P-day were possibly the best of my mission!
Friday - A lot of the appointments we had fell through. It was kind of a tough day, we walked way far. But a member bought us a TON of dinner so that kind of made up for it. ;)
Saturday - On Saturday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went to a different area and taught lessons to people that I'll probably never see again. But it was way fun! 
Sunday - Sunday went great! My favorite investigator came to church! He also brought his kids, and pretty much all of the neighbor kids too. Haha. I sat with them during sacrament. PHEW! I gained so much respect for mothers that deal with kids during sacrament. Haha.

All in all it was a great week! The language is coming along! It's getting easier to understand what people are saying, but speaking it is a little harder. I'll just keep plugging at it. I love being a missionary! It's such a great feeling, teaching people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel the spirit SO much every day. I would encourage you all to try feel the spirit as much as you can throughout the day, there's no other feeling like it!
Have a great week, stay strong in the Faith!
Au lomani kemuni! Taumana na vakabauta!

-Elder Jaxson Miller

Lami town
A view from the chapel in Navua

A fijian dinner. They leave all the bones in the meat. 
My district. My companion is on the front right, the big Samoan.
Lami koro
It's tradition to burn a white shirt after a year in the mission. Elders Danielson and Burgener hit their marks
An investigator. He has a baptismal date for Nov 21
My companion Elda Danielson, then Elders Burgener and Amisone
Me and my companion, Elder Danielson

Lepani and Melika

Kids playing rugby
An investigator came to church, and brought his kids and all the neighbor kids
Pacific Harbor beach. We went there as a zone for P-Day

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