Monday, March 14, 2016

NABUA - Week 7

Back to the Grind...Finally!
Bula Si'a!
Another update here from Elder Miller, in the bowels of the jungles of Fiji! This week my companion and I finally got settled back into our area. It feels so good to be back. The last couple weeks have been really hectic with our trip to Suva and Elder getting Emergency Transferred due to sickness, among other things. But all is well!

Like I said, we finally got to get back to the good ol' missionary work this past week. Things are back on track in Nabua! The work's a movin'. Samu and Nanise are doing great! (the old couple that lives alone in the middle of the jungle) Their baptismal date is scheduled for next week Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. Side fact - Here in Fiji they celebrate Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, AND Easter Monday. Anyways, that couple has the GREATEST faith. For example, one day we taught them the Word of Wisdom. They drank coffee and tea regularly. But when we taught it to them they didn't even hesitate! Nani asked: "Is cocoa ok?" and when I told her of course, she then proceeded to make us to boiling cups of hot cocoa on a scorching hot day. Haha.

The only other real noteworthy event this week was that we received bikes in our area! I suggested the idea to our Mission President and he approved it. THEY'RE AWESOME!! I accidentally forgot to take pictures of them... But I'll send pictures next week. Let's just say they turn every head we go by. Haha.

Ok well, this is a shorter update this week, mostly because I forgot my journal, so  I can't review the events of the week. It's crazy how fast we can forget things! I'll use that as an in for my spiritual thought for the week. Keep a journal! Or update it if you haven't in a while! It's amazing to be able to look back through my journal and see how much I've changed, just on my mission. 

Alriight, I love you all! I miss you all tons. Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

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