Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SUVA - Week 1

Baptism & Transfers!

Bula vinaka everyone!
Holy cow, it's been a hectic, busy week! One that I have a feeling I'll never forget.

First things first, MARECA GOT BAPTIZED!! It went perfectly. Her baptismal interview was on Tuesday. We got transfer calls from President Layton that day, telling me that I'd be transferred that same Thursday. So after she passed her interview, I had to tell her that that I would unfortunately not be able to attend her baptism, which was planned for Saturday. She was surprised, but said ok. Later that day she came running to our house and said "Elders, can we please do the baptism tomorrow?? I want you both to be there!" So we called our Bishop, and he gave it the go ahead! I was so so so stoked! I had the privilege of baptizing her! Everything was amazing. The talks were awesome, the spirit was there, and you could just tell that she was so ready to be baptized. It was definitely one of my favorite baptisms on my mission. I won't forget it!
So yeah, I got transferred! I got sent to Suva 2nd ward. Right in the city! Quite the contrast from my past 3 areas! Haha. But I love it so far! We just cruise around in our amazing white van named Kimmy. We live in the "suburbs" of the city, about a 5 minute drive from downtown Suva, in an area called Raiwaqa. Our flat is great! One of the best I've seen in the mission! On Thursday and Friday we did a TON of driving around for transfers. As far as the work is concerned, there is so much potential! I love the ward already. We get dinner appointments every single night again! I'm excited to finish my mission here!

Ok well that's about all the time I have! Thanks for tuning in again! I love you all! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni kece!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

New flat!


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