Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SUVA - Week 4

Bula Vinaka Everyone!
It's been a great week! Life is super super super busy. But it's great! Shout out to my little brother Cam, Happy Birthday bro!! Hope you had a great B-day.

It's gonna be a pretty short email today, we've always got stuff to do. It'll probably be like that for the rest of my mission.... But that's ok cuz I'll see all of you in just a couple months! Haha. Just know that things are going fantastic! 

Yesterday we had 2 baptisms!! Volo who is 23, and Raijeli who is 9. They went amazing! It was a very spiritual meeting. Volo was so ready and excited to be baptized. It's a wonderful experience to see the light in people's eyes when they are baptized. When you fully commit yourself to follow the Lord, He delights to bless you with true peace and happiness. And who doesn't want that? Man, it was awesome. 

A cool story of the week was a blessing that we gave to a Fiji-Indian. We were walking down a street when a member called out to us. He told us that one of his non-member friends needed a blessing. So we went in and sat down with the man. He had been feeling under the weather and tired for the past few months. He told us of some hard trials he had been going through and how his body just didn't have energy to do anything. So we gave him a blessing! After the blessing, he asked us what time church starts! So we got his contact info and moved on to our scheduled appointment. The next day we saw him again on the street. He was WAY excited to see us. He happily and excitedly told us that the blessing worked! He was feeling great and was working hard! He told us that he'd like to take the lessons and learn more about the Church! The power of the Priesthood is so very real. 

Alright well, I gotta go! Thanks for tuning in again! I love you all! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni kece sara!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

{Zone Conference it appears. Menu: McDonalds}

President Layton jumps in the pic! 

{Car broken into, from last weeks blog}

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