Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SUVA - Week 3

Zoomin' Around

Bula Vinaka Everyone!
It's been yet another week! It was a great one. Especially getting to talk to the family!! Again, Happy Mother's Day Mom! And Grandma! And all you other moms out there! Mom's are the bomb. 

This week was another super busy one! It seems like we're always zoomin' around in our good ol' van Kimmy, either teaching lessons or doing random stuff for the Zone. Non-stop! But it feels good to be so busy. There is really no more satisfying work than the work of the Lord. Right now our teaching pool is doing pretty good! We have some really good investigators with great potential! We should hopefully be able to have some baptisms the next few weeks! One of the BEST investigators is named Volo. She's related to a member, and wants to be baptized because of the happiness she sees. She's learning so well and coming to church every week! She even goes to pick up other investigators so that they can go to church together!! I've never ever had an investigator like that in my entire mission. She's AWESOME. So ready to enter the waters of baptism. It's such a happy feeling seeing someone make the right choices in life! You just know how happy they'll be! Man, I love being a missionary.

An unfortunate story for the week was that our car got broken into! After church we walked out to our car parked just around the block to see the passenger seat window completely shattered. I hope they feel bad because we literally have nothing of worth to steal in our car! The ONLY thing was my small little .mp3 player that's got my MoTab music on it... I'm sure they were disappointed. I really wasn't mad that my music player was stolen, I was more upset that someone would do such a thing! That's $500 worth of damage to a church-owned car for a $20 music player. Sad. Later that day I heard a talk by a member about being more Christ-like. She talked about being loving of everyone around us, no matter what happens. I thought about the person that broke into our car and felt a Christ-like love for them. I prayed that hopefully it would help a struggling family pay for food or something. I immediately felt peace and it no longer troubled me. Just shows the power of the teachings of the Savior! He truly is the perfect example. Be forgiving!

I would like to explain a bit about my companion! His name is Elder Whitworth. He's from Draper, Utah. He finishes his mission next month, so I'll be his last companion! He is HILARIOUS. Puts a smile on everyone's face! He's a way hard worker, and is a very effective missionary. He does not like to waste a second of the Lord's time. He's an inspiring leader! An example of his charisma is a visit we had to McDonald's. He has the ability to make you feel like his best friend within 30 seconds of meeting him. Well, he did that to the lady at the drive-through window. Laughing and smiling. As we pulled up to the next window to grab our McFlurry's, we heard her yell out to the worker doing our order "Vakalevutaka! Erau tamata vinaka!" Which means to give us extra because we're awesome. Haha. Perks of being a great person! 

This Sunday we had a special Stake Conference where the Stake Presidency spoke to us, but then we had the treat of hearing from Elder Dale G. Renlund and a few other General Authorities. It was a broadcast to the Pacific Area. Amazing talks! In Elder Renlund's talk, he mentioned a man named Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown had a bad heart. After receiving a heart transplant, his body rejected the heart. One by one, all of his organs stopped functioning. It was only a matter of days before he passed away. In a last desperation attempt, doctors kept him on life support until another heart donor could be found. Miraculously, one was found! So they went and did ONE more heart surgery. It worked!! His organs started functioning correctly, and all was well! Only 10 days later he was cleared to leave the hospital. As Elder Renlund came in to see Mr. Brown one last time, he looked very angry. Elder Renlund was surprised, and asked him what was wrong. "The breakfast isn't hot, and the milk isn't cold." Here was a man that was just miraculously saved from death through a lot a prayers and effort on the part of the doctors, and he became very upset with the hospital food! We seem to do that so much as people. We fail to fully recognize blessing from the Lord and complain about things. This was a good reminder to stay grateful and humble. Try to count the blessings you received today! It'll brighten your day.

Alright, that's about it for today! Thanks so much for reading my blog! You guys are the best! I hope all is well! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni kece!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Skyping home! (Mothers Day)

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  1. Loved this post! So much of it will help with a talk I have to give on Sunday. Thanks Elder Miller! I love that one of your last companions is one that shares your excitement and love of serving the people. Also great that he will be one that you can easily keep in touch with. Bonus!