Sunday, December 27, 2015

LAMI - Week 11

Bula Vinaka!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! Christmas felt way different here. Instead of freezing cold and snowy it was burning hot and sunny. But it was good! I'm blessed enough to have the BEST family on Earth (Sorry to break to you guys who aren't my family... I'm sure your families are ok too). I got to open up some presents from home and best of all, I got to see them on Skype! That was so bittersweet. It was AMAZING to see them and talk to them, but it so hard to say goodbye. I guess that's a downside of having the greatest family on Earth. ;)

Other than that it wasn't a super eventful week! On Wednesday I got to go into Suva, the Capital of Fiji, with my companion. It was way cool! Our doctor appointment was in Tappoo City, the big mall in Suva. It was so weird to walk into a mall! But it was fun. I'm glad I didn't have any money spend, otherwise I would have spent all of it, haha. 

This week I want to share with you guys about obedience. We have an investigator that is having a hard time with the Word of Wisdom. He tells us he just doesn't feel the blessings from following it. My companion said the perfect thing in response. He told the investigator that it's important we obey commandments because we love the Lord, not only because we want the blessings. THEN, the Lord will bless us. This changed our investigator a ton, and he's excited to try to submit to the Lord's will! We all struggle with one commandment or another. It's important that no matter what commandment it is, we trust that the Lord has given us that commandment for a reason. We show our love for him by obeying Him. I promise that if you do this, you'll feel the Lord's love in return!

I love you all SO SO much. Stay strong in the faith! I hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas, and wish you all a happy New Year! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni vakalevu!

-Elder Miller

Church at the unit (smallest form of a ward) in my area. Just in someone's house
The pulpit
SUB 4 SANTA! Jaxson headed up donations for Christmas for some less fortunate in Fiji.  He raised enough to help 13 families! They provided a nice meal to include chicken (unheard of), gifts for the kids and something for the parents.  He was so overwhelmed with gratitude to those that donated.  And felt amazing helping the families!  

A member helping my companion and I bring the boxes around to the families
Setareki (we call him Pie)
One of the houses we gave presents to
The Vuqona family
Another house we delivered presents to
Our Christmas tree (cut nearby), with presents underneath. Haha. (I forgot to take a picture after we put lights and decorations on the tree). 
A mouse that got caught in a trap we put up. He was actually cute! We tried to free him but was permanently stuck. So we had to put him out of his misery.... RIP

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