Friday, February 19, 2016

Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston

[Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston category 5 located about 390 East of Suva at 3 am today (8 am Utah). The cyclone is moving west at about 22 KM/HR. Close to it's Centre, the cyclone is estimated to have average winds of 220 KM/HR and momentary gusts to 315 KM/HR. ]

As you may have previously heard, all the missionaries in Fiji were scheduled to participated in an added event, the Fijian Cultural Celebration, scheduled for tonight, February 19th at 8pm MST.

Jeremy and I feel this added event, where all the missionaries were previously scheduled to leave the smaller islands yesterday to arrive in Suva and participate in this even, was an act of God. We pray all these missionaries made it on their planes and boats yesterday and are closer and more accessible to the Missionary President and his care. Jaxson's area was included in on of the top locations that are anticipated to be most in danger. To say we feel blessed.... well... you can probably comprehend.

Satan does not want this temple to open… but we can see God’s in caring for His missionaries and His work moving forward.  

Praying for all the families in Fiji, for the missionaries and for President Eyring and Elder Cook also currently in Fiji! 

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