Sunday, February 7, 2016

NABUA - Week 2

Nabua - Week 2
Work work work! 

Bula Si'a! (That's Bula Vinaka in the dialect in Nabua)

Man, once again time has gone by SUPER fast. It was a good, hard-working week! Being a missionary in the bush is way different than being a missionary in the city. Just straight hard work day in and day out. But it's way good!

One experience I had this week, was a woman named Sis. Qabale. She's a blind lady that lives about an hour away from us by bus. Our mission president has given permission to perform sacrament meeting with her at her house every week because she just can't make the trip to church. She is an AMAZING lady. She has so much faith. Her husband passed away about a year ago but she has stayed so strong in the gospel. It was an amazing experience for us to go have sacrament meeting with her. Things like this are what keep us going as missionaries, when the going gets tough.

This week we have been focusing on finding as many people to teach as we can, because the investigator pool is really small. On Thursday we found an old couple that told us to meet them on Saturday and they'll take us to their house in the forest. So we met them at the main road on Saturday and we started hiking into the forest. WOAH. A 1.5 hour hike straight into the jungles of Fiji. It was beautiful. They just live on their own, no house is within miles. The whole hike there, they kept thanking us for coming because nobody is willing to go visit them. Every now and then we'd take rests (they were really old) and as we'd get up the old man would say "Now whenever I pass this spot I can say that 2 angels sat here." They fed us a ton of foods of never even heard of and asked us to share our message. So we shared the message of the Restoration through Joseph Smith, and they loved it. They started reading the Book of Mormon even before we left their house. He told us "I KNOW that God is with you two." An amazing humbling experience.

Other than that, just some good ol' hard work this week! It's kind of disheartening sometimes, when you work as hard as you can every day but see very little success. But I know that God has put me in this area for a reason, and I will try my best to find that reason. 

I love you all! I hope you're following up on your New Years' resolutions! Always seek to improve! Tonight I encourage you to kneel down in prayer, asking the Lord how you can improve. Ask "What lack I yet?" (Matthew 19:16-22) I promise that something will come to your mind that you can work on this week. Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

The house of the couple that live in the bush

The path to the house in the bush

This is a "bure", or traditional Fijian house

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