Sunday, February 14, 2016

NABUA - Week 3

Nabua - Week 3
The work - it's a movin'

Bula Si'a! 

Just as my title explains *pause to allow you to look up and read the title because you skipped it before*, the work just keeps chuggin' along! Not any super crazy stories to tell from this week, but I think it's the normal occurrences in this mission that are worth telling!

For example, crabs. Crabs are EVERYWHERE here. At night as you're driving along the main road, you'll see TONS of people walking up and down along the side of the road with flashlights, looking for crabs. The locals are wayyyy good at catching them too. They're actually pretty quick and cunning... But the locals just walk up with no fear and snatch them with lightning speed. It's awesome. So last night, the Elders who's flat we're staying at was completely devoid of food, so we decided to catch some crabs to eat on the way home. After a couple unsuccessful attempts, we recruited a Fijian. Within no time we had 4 decently sized crabs and 1 big one in the back of the truck. We took them home, cooked them, and ate them. The life of a missionary in Fiji!

Oh yeah, I also passed my 6-month mark for my mission! It's crazy. It was on Friday. My companion and I got home Friday night and were just talking when he asked me when my 6-month mark was. So I did the math and realized that it was that very night! It does not even CLOSE to feel like I've been a missionary for 6 months, and that I'm already 1/4 of the way through my mission. I'm so so grateful for the time that I've had so far, and look forward to each day that I have left! A quote that my momma sent me says: "You've had eternity to prepare for your mission, and you'll have eternity to reflect on it. But you only have two years to live it!" I couldn't agree more, I'll make the most I can out of this amazing opportunity I have to set apart 2 years of my life to serve the Lord!

Last thing I want to share is about those 2 investigators that live in the middle of the forest, Samu and Nanise (Sam and Nancy, haha). They are AMAZING. So we went back to see them 5 days after the first time we saw them, and they had already read to Jacob in the Book of Mormon! I was so impressed and happy. I would like to recount a conversation with them during the lesson.
SAMU: "We're excited to go to church and then get baptized! (We hadn't asked them to be baptized yet)"
ME: "Uh.... Would you like to be baptized??"
SAMU: "If you tell me to get baptized I will DIVE into the water right now!"

Holy smokes!! That conversation is a missionary's DREAM. I'm so glad that the Lord guided us to meet this couple that was so ready to hear the message! 

Thanks for all the emails everyone!! It's so fun to read about all of your lives. Even if I haven't been able to respond, just know that every email means so much to me! The fact that you're thinking about me and taking the time to write me means SO much. Thank you!

Ok, well that about concludes this weeks edition of my adventures on the Fijian islands. My challenge to you all this week is once again about families. Families are the center of the gospel! "A house divided against itself shall not stand." -Jesus Christ. Do Family Home Evening! Every week! Even if it's just a quick spiritual thought and then doing something fun as a family, always make time for the family and the gospel! If you do, I promise to you that it will help you overcome this evil world. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for reading my novels each week! (Or at least glancing over them and looking at the pictures...) Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

This is Nanise, she wanted us to take home some food so she wove a basket to put it in
Samu, 75-year old man. HILARIOUS
Finished product, took like 5 minutes
A 75-year old man, living alone with his wife in the middle of the jungle on an island in Fiji... and he's wearing a Nike shirt
Digging up some roots for us to eat. (It was actually delicious)

{Jax, why are you wearing an arm brace?! That wasn't in your letter home. - mom}

My 6-month mark ceremonial tie burning!
Our light bulb broke, so we've been going on candle light this week.
{Jax, are you aware there is an Aerosol can next to your fire-lit candles? - mom} 
The main road

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