Monday, June 6, 2016

NABUA - Week 19

Staying in Nabua

Bula Vinaka!
So, transfer week is over! As it turns out, both my companion and I are staying in Nabua! To be honest I was kinda surprised, but definitely not disappointed! I love Nabua! I'm stoked to have another 6 weeks here. Also, sorry that I wasn't able to email last week. We were SUPER busy last Monday. Please forgive me! I felt so bad the whole week. I'll try my best to never miss another Monday!

Before I tell about my week, I'd just like to thank my family for being the BEST ever. I've received emails from so many of you and it makes me so so happy. Thank you for remembering me even though I'm so far away! Sometimes I get worried that all my little cousins will forget me and not recognize me when I get off that plane, but your emails assure me otherwise and keep me going! Thank you, I love you all so much!!

As far as my week, it went GREAT! As my companion and I continue to try our very best to hit the goals we set each week, the Lord blesses us 10-fold! We've seen miracles in our area for sure. Something that we've focused on is not being afraid to invite ANYONE (yes, missionaries get nervous to teach lessons sometimes). We promised each other that if even the slightest inkling of a prompting comes to either one of us, we act immediately. I have literally felt God's love for me as I open my mouth! I promise that as you guys try your best to open your mouth, you will feel an amazing feeling inside afterwards, no matter what they say in reply!

A highlight we had was a combined church service. All the churches (a total of 7 different denominations) in the area met together Sunday afternoon for a combined service. It was awesome! It's an effort to try to improve the atmosphere in the area. Try to build relationships, no matter the religion. I loved it. After all, we're all sons and daughters of God. Fijians are just the best aren't they!?

Funny: There's this one girl in a village that we're teaching named Kiesa. Here's the story of the first day we met her: One day we were going from house to house in a new village sharing messages. When we finished almost every house in the village, we heard of a house that was a little ways into the woods. So we walked along the path. When the house came in view, we saw legs run into the forest next to the house. We started laughing our heads off. Seeing that they couldn't be straight up with us and just tell us they're not interested, we decided to make it a game. So we played hide and seek! Before walking in the forest we counted to 10 really loud and then started walking in looking for the person. At one point we heard branches break just ahead of us. So I walked toward it and a Fijian man stood up out of the bushes and acted like nothing was weird. Just said hi and asked how we were. I laughed SOOO hard. I asked if he had a wife and he said that she was home. (We had already looked in the house, it only had one room and there was nobody in there) So we walked back to the house and the wife came out from underneath a blanket she was hiding under......  Hahahaha, the life of a missionary.

Spiritual: We taught a lesson to a girl named Senimili (which for some reason is the name Jane in English). We taught from a picture book we have of the Old Testament stories. After the lesson we asked her if she wants to takes lessons from us and she straight said no. Which I was surprised and saddened at but kinda glad because most Fijians won't tell you straight up. Haha. But anyways, we said alright and closed with a prayer. In my prayer I asked that Heaven'y Father would one day give her the desire to take the missionary lessons. When I said "amen", she opened her eyes and asked if we could come back the next day to teach her the lessons. If that doesn't show the power of prayer, I don't know what does!

For a spiritual thought this week, I would just like to recommend a book. For those of you that are trying to build your knowledge of the New Testament, Christ's life, or of the gospel in general, this book is a necessity. Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I finished it this week, and I can honestly say that it built up my testimony in this gospel SO MUCH. I learned so much about Christ. As our goal as Christians is to be more like Christ, it is a must read!

Well that's pretty much it for me! I've had an awesome week. I hope you all have too! As usual, thanks for reading, and keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Cutest puppy. His name is Brownie (I miss brownies sooooo much)

Manaini gave me this Salusalu (Flower necklace)

Aren't Elder Levasa and I just cute?

I promise it wasn't my idea mom

Sunday School lesson that E. Levasa and I put on
Did a combined Sunday School lesson with the entire branch (some missing out of the room)

Final lunch with this district. The Elder and Sister on the left finished their missions
Aren't I getting so fat? Gosh dang it Fiji {No Jax, you aren't getting fat - nerd}
Village rugby (every day before sunset)
Our Branch President Mateinaivalu
The Methodist chapel that we did the combined church service at

Lunch after the combined church service
This is such a quality picture
Road trip

This senior couple went home last week, along with the 2 other missionaries, so the branch had a party

Saying goodbye to Sis. Buring, going home to Australia
Forest fire  {um... Jax.... did you start this with your box you lit on fire??}
{Jax, these look well used}
Fijians LOVE pictures

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