Monday, June 20, 2016

NABUA - Week 21

Walking... and walking... and walking!

Bula Vinaka!
Time for another blog update! Haha. It's been a great week. Another great week filled with ups and downs! It seems things can never just be easy.... But who would want it like that anyways? That's so boring!

Like I said, it was a great week! It's been a grind the past few weeks, just working our hardest to find people to teach, and to help the ones we are teaching to progress towards baptism! It's definitely hard work, but there's nothing more satisfying. It feels so good to get home at night, lay down on my pillow and just know that the entire day was spent in the service of God. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like the feeling. 

One cool thing that happened this week was when our Branch President took us to see some of his personal investigators. It was great!! But here's the catch... it's a 3-hour walk from our house. Haha. It's literally like an all-day thing to get to their house. But it's so worth it. It's the best family ever. Luke (the father, pronounced luke-ay), Tia (the mother), Laisani (4 year-old daughter), and Meme (7 month-old daughter). Our Branch President has already been talking to them about the gospel, and has already given them a Book of Mormon. They've been reading it and love the message. Hopefully they'll be baptized in the coming month or so!!

I want to tell another story that will tie into my spiritual thought for the week. So the village our house is in, Nabua, is about a 30 minute walk from the main road where 3 buses per day drive on. The closest village from there, Tabia, is another 30 minute walk. So we're an hour away from the nearest village. While walking on the road from our village to the main road, the road winds and turns around hills and forests. As we walk, you can see a MASSIVE mango tree, which is right next to Tabia. I've always wanted to try to walk there as the crow flies - it looks so much closer if you just walk straight! So on Saturday we finally decided to do it. We went off the road. Oh boy was that the worst idea ever. Not only did we get covered in spider webs, mud, and scratches, we were in that forest for about an hour. Just wandering around, trying to find the way out. Our members have had a good hearty laugh about that adventure. 

Now to connect that to my spiritual thought. STAY ON THE PATH! The way to your destination is clearly marked. Though it may bend and turn in ways that we don't understand or agree with, there's a reason it's that way! No matter how enticing the surroundings may be around you, or how much you think another way is better, do not stray. Read your scriptures, go to church, pray every day, and listen to the prophets and apostles! The Lord knows what you need more than you do. 

Well, there's another week come and gone! Thanks for reading! Thanks for emailing me! Thanks for the prayers, I definitely feel them! I love you all and hope for the best! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

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