Monday, August 15, 2016

KADAVU - Week 5

Bula Vinaka!
Another week another dollar! Except not because we don't get paid... Another week, more blessings! Haha. Life is just great out here on the lonely island of Kadavu! 

I never know what to write about on these! Hopefully I kind of help you guys feel how happy the life of a missionary is! Because it's great. I'll try to describe life in Kadavu a bit. 

Our flat is up on a hill that overlooks the whole bay. It's nicer than our last one in Nabua, surprisingly! It has electricity (when the village generator is on, which is usually from like 6 am - 11 pm). It's just the house of a Fijian family that moved out, so it's just like a Fijian house. But the church buys us a washer, stove, and fridge. So it's pretty nice. TONS of mice. So we borrowed 2 cats from some members, and they're having a feast on the mice. Haha. Eating is a lot better than in Nabua because we have a fridge now. Haha. Some eggs, some bread, butter, tuna, noodles, crackers, and even peanut butter some times! Haha. Not gourmet meals or anything, but it works. Our members feed us WAY well when we eat with them. We have to walk a LOT. One village we go to is a 4 hour walk one-way. Haha. Yeah. But it's such a beautiful island! The water in the bay is a beautiful light blue. People go diving all the time because the coral reef is massive and there are so many fish. There are 4 species of birds that are only found in Kadavu, out of the whole world. The parrots are beautiful. Needless to say, I love it here!

I passed my one-year mark for my mission!! I can't believe how fast time is going by! It is flying. For my year mark, we had a nice dinner with some members. They cooked me a WAY nice dinner, including brownies at the end! (courtesy of Grandma Miller - THANK YOU!) It definitely doesn't feel like it's been a year. I still feel like a new missionary! But I am so thankful for my mission. I have learned so many things and continue to learn every day! If any of you reading this are not sure whether or not to serve a mission, just pray about it! Have the humility to ask Heavenly Father what He wants, and be willing to do whatever he says. Just know that if you serve, you will NEVER in your entire life forget it.

Well that's about all for now! If you have questions just email me! I love you guys so much! Until next week, keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Miller

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