Monday, January 2, 2017


New Area, New Companion!
Bula Vinaka!
It's me again! Sorry it's been a while. Power went out 2 weeks ago, and last week the laptop was broken when I went to email. But I'm doing great!! Oh yeah, happy Belated Christmas and New Years everyone! Haha. 

Well, a lot has changed since I last updated you guys! For starters, I'm back on the main island! Last Tuesday, while Skype-calling my family, my Mission President called and transferred me off of Kadavu. It was sad to leave that place and my companion, but I'm also excited to start new things! I took off on the plane on Wednesday morning. On Thursday I met my new companion! And by new I mean BRAND new. Straight out of the MTC. It's fun getting new companions, you get to teach them how to be a missionary! 

My companion's name is Elder Tupe. He is from American Samoa. When he was 8 years old his family moved to St. George, Utah. He's 18 years old, fresh out of high school. 'Tupe' means 'money' in Samoan. And he's definitely a money companion. He plays football and rugby. He even has offers to attend Arizona, Texas A&M, and SVU for football! He's an inside linebacker. Yeah. A straight beast. We're already way good buds and can't wait to smash the work in this area!

Now about my new area. It's called Navatuyaba. It's a really nice ward! The last Elders had a dinner appointment every night the entire time they were here! We DEFINITELY won't go hungry. In fact, I think I'm gonna need to do P90x when I get out of this area... It's a relatively small proselyting area. Only 3 villages. The main religions are Assemblies of God, Methodist, and Catholic. There's actually one area that has 100% members! It's way cool walking through that area. Haha. It's nearby a major city called Nausori. We're just on the other side of the river from the airport, so we hear a few planes come and go each day. Things are great here!

Well, it's a New Year!! 2017! In Fiji, they celebrate New Years by making as much noise as they can for the next couple of weeks and throwing water on random people! The kids all make little bamboo cannons.... Yeah, not exactly the safest. But they're way loud and way cool! 

Lately I've been thinking a LOT about prayer. My mom sent me this quote one day and I LOVE it:

"Satan tries to limit your praying, because he knows your praying will limit him." 
- Rick Warren

So pray! You will FEEL yourself grow closer to Christ.

Thanks for reading! I love you guys so much! All is well here in Beautiful Fiji! I hope all is well! Keep on keepin' on!
Au lomani kemuni!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

Rewa River
Rewa Bridge

We have to cross a river in a boat to get to our area

Bamboo cannon
My companion Elder Tupe. (I know, I need a haircut...)
There's pretty much just one long road here.
Navatuyaba Chapel!
Our Navatuyaba Chapel! 

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