Monday, June 12, 2017

SUVA - Week 6

Bula Vinaka Everyone!
It's been a great week here in Fiji! I don't have much time again so this is gonna be quick!

This week we had another baptism!! It was a family of 5! Family baptisms are so amazing. It was a mother and her 3 kids, and then the mother's father. So a 3 generation baptism!! We did it on Thursday because of their schedule. Busy family. It went so well!! So many people from the ward showed up. It was full. It was so nice to see the ward support a new baptism so well. They all came up individually and welcomed each member of the family to the ward with a hug. The spirit was strong and the everyone was happy. I won't ever forget this family!

The grandpa of the family has one of the strongest testimonies of the Book of Mormon I've ever seen on my mission. We gave him a copy only 1 month ago, and he's finished 4th Nephi! That's SO fast! He LOVES it. He tells us that it's so much clearer than even the Bible, and he learns more when he reads it. He told me "I wish with all my heart to have found this earlier in life." He's 77 years old. I love the man. He spent his life sailing around the world on cargo ships. The impact of this gospel is just immeasurable. 

I'm sorry, unfortunately I'm having some technical difficulties with my SD card. I can't upload pictures. I'll try again next week! 

Well that's all for now!! I'll update you guys again next week! Until then, keep on keepin' on!!

Au lomani kemuni kece!

-Elder Jaxson Jeremy Miller

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